We want to bring you the best range of gifts, bath bombs, hand crafted soaps, essential oils and aromatherapy products, bags, incense, home fragrance, and much much more.

Our Mission

As a company we believe that it is important to offer alternatives to the mass produced products that currently exist. There is too much plastic used in the packaging and no consideration to the sustainability of these items. We wanted to change this.

Our products are hand picked from around the world from India, Indonesia, China and across Europe sourced directly from local artisans and manufacturers.

Fairtrade Products & eco-friendly

We ensure that our suppliers are offered a fair wage and working conditions. We also ensure that the products are not made using child labour.

No Animal Testing

We work with suppliers to ensure that none of the products that we sell have been tested on animals.

Recycled Packaging

Not using expensive packaging means a lot of savings, aswell as being environmentally better for the planet and reducing waste.

This allows us to reduce costs and we can then use these savings to include better quality natural and organic ingredients in our products.